VHIT type A

Vhit Type-A Oil/Wax Atomizer


The Vhit atomizer is one of the original atomizers specifically designed for wax/ thick oil users. Its main advantage of the Vhit (Type-A) atomizer is that the cloud funnel is designed to give smooth airflow without the clogging.

When wax melts from the top coil/bowl, it drips down to the bottom, the great thing about the V-hit is the entire center atomizer stem will heat remnant reclaim wax throughout the cartridge.

*Not intended for e-liquids or -juice. For heavy wax and thick oils only.

Micro Vaped

Micro Vaped V2


The new v2 Micro Vape comes with a new charger which allows you to keep vaping while you charge! It also comes with a lanyard, an extra skillet, wall charger and convenient carrying case. 


The Micro Vape Essential Oil Vaporizer is a solid Portable Vaporizer manufactured by MicroVaped Inc. out of California that is designed specifically for Concentrated Essential Oils.Utilizing a smooth fountain pen design concept, the Micro Vape Essential Oil Vaporizer measures only 4 1/2 inches in Length and 3/8 of an inch in Diameter, making the Micro Vape Essential Oil Vaporizer extremely travel friendly.Each Micro Vape Essential Oil Vaporizer features both a traditional mouthpiece along with a unique stainless steel mouthpiece. 

Vhit Type B

Vhit Type-B Oil/Wax Atomizer


The Vhit type B atomizer is simply the cleanest and most pure way to vaporize your favorite wax, heavy oil, full melt and other concentrates.


  • Stainless steel and ceramic heating chamber with glass tank

  • Optional heating chamber cap to control airflow

  • No plastic (except rubber o-ring seals)

  • Fits eGo type batteries

  • Comes with 3 v-hit heating coil atomizers


V2 Luxury Vaporizer


  • 1 Vaped Lithium-Ion battery with V2 LCD digital hit counter & battery life. The V2 battery charges at the bottom by micro usb and can be charged while in use
  • 1 Stainless steel tank (titanium coils) with plastic & chrome mouthpiece
  • 1 XL Stainless Tank(titanium coils) with plastic mouthpiece
  • 1 LED super tank(titanium coils) with pen top cover with plastic & chrome mouthpiece
  • 1 Stainless Steel Super Tank(titanium coils)
  • 1 Vaped fill tool
  • Micro USB charger
  • Wall  Charger Adapter
  • Dual port car charger adapter
  • Vaped V2 carrying case
  • 1 year warranty card